100g PrimaVera black pepper Guanciale Amatriciana

50g Organic Grated Roman Pecorino Cheese from Azienda Agricola il Bardellone

400g organic Italian peeled tomatoes

50ml organic white wine

1 organic chili

Sea salt as needed


If you chose to use whole PrivaVera Black Pepper Guanciale Amatriciana, get the rind off and cut in slices about 1cm wide, then cut the slices in thin pieces of about half a centimeter. Instead, if you chose the diced package of PrivaVera Black Pepper Guanciale Amatriciana, you will already have the correct size and width.

Now take a pan and heat it up, add Guanciale and the whole chili, stir them up together for around 7-8 minutes until the fat part of Guanciale is transparent and the meat part is crunchy, make sure you stir the pan often to avoid burning. Once the fat is melted, douse with the white wine, on high heat, and let it dry out.

Put the Guanciale away on a plate. On the same pan you were using, pour the Italian diced tomatoes, open them with your hands directly on what was left from cooking Guanciale, continue cooking the tomatoes for about 10 minutes. After that, take out the chili from the sauce, add Guanciale back to the pan and stir it up to mix it well.

Once the pasta is cooked, drain it and add it directly to the pan with with sauce. Stir it very quickly to mix it with the sauce. If you like pasta “al dente” you can turn off the heat, otherwise add a tiny bit of the pasta cooking water to continue cooking it. Finally, add the grated organic roman Pecorino Cheese.


Tips and mistakes to avoid

– When using whole guanciale, make sure you leave the outside part with pepper, as during cooking it releases bitter notes.

– Do not add olive oil to the pan, as cooking guanciale will give the sauce the right taste and the typical aroma

– Do not cook the guanciale on high heat to avoid burning it.

– Add Pecorino Cheese only once you have turned off the heat.


What kind of pasta should you use?

There are no rules, it really depends on your personal taste. Bucatino, a thick spaghetti-like pasta with a hole running through the center, are definitely the most traditional match, as it is perfect to pick the sauce up; but if you’d rather have shorter pasta, then you could also use penne or rigatoni.