Azienda Agricola il Bardellone: our new line of organic cheeses

Bardellone is our new line of organic cheeses, one range of Italian excellence selected by producers that fully embrace the organic philosophy brought forward from our family for over twenty years. Indeed, all farms from which our cheeses come are certified organic, this means that in their farms the animals grow in total harmony with the their welfare needs: they can graze freely in the surrounding fields, they feed on fodder and cereals grown without chemical agents in full compliance with nature and are treated with homeopathic remedies. The brand that represents the line comes from an ancient one agricultural structure typical of the rural area of the province of Modena close to our company.

It is a building with an unusual hexadecagonal plan in the past intended for the feeding of wild horses in the wide humid valleys. The bardellone therefore represents the essence of ours products in their ancestral rural tradition linked to cultivation of the land, hay production and breeding of the dairy cow that has always characterized it this border area … between Mantua and Modena.