Biofach 2023, Witness Of Change

Biofach 2023, Witness Of Change

Salumificio Pedrazzoli will be in Nuremberg for the 2023 edition of Biofach, the most important fair in the world for organic food to be held from 14 to 17 February 2023.

Our PrimaVera Bio at BIOFACH 2023

PrimaVera is the “first real” Line of cured meats from organic farming in Italy born in 1996.
The production of PrivaVera Bio is guaranteed by a closed cycle, entirely dedicated to organic.
The pigs are bred in full respect of the animal and the environment: free in large areas of pasture, with a diet from organic crops, treated with homeopathic medicines and phytotherapists.
From 1996 to today, the PrimaVera Line counts about 60 products: products of the highest quality, diversified, all without addictive, without nitrites and nitrates, without dairy products and without gluten.

testimoni del cambiamento linea primavera bio

Why “Witness of Change”

Witness of Change” is the title of the video that will be released on the occasion of BIOFACH 2023, a video through which we want to spread the philosophy and important values of our company.

We tell a story, our story:

“We have read many stories about how the well-being of the community is built, stories of courage and dedication, of brilliant ideas and skilled hands, work combined with passion and perseverance generates new resources.

It is the story of people who changed things, of our fathers, our mothers and our grandparents. We were born into well-being, which is why it seems that we lack for nothing, but we perceive a lack, as if this fantastic story was missing a new chapter… the one written by us!

We are writing a page that talks about a new well-being that tells about a change, in this story we are putting mental and physical health first, a well-being given by respect for nature, for others, for animals. We are writing a story that talks about ethical and sustainable choices, not just profitable… we are writing a new story, a story of change because we want it! Why is it necessary!

PrimaVera witnesses of change since 1996

We were the first in Italy to believe in the production of organic meats and today we qualify as a leader in the sector and among the main exporters of organic meats in Europe with the spring brand.
The Primavera Line, born more than 20 years ago, is a line of organic meats and meats, without preservatives, without gluten, without milk flour, produced according to natural methods: from pig breeding, to processing until maturing.
Commitment to excellence, respect for the environment and the desire to care for the consumer in terms of health and food safety, are the main ingredients of the success of our company and the cornerstones that have given rise to this line of meat and meats Bio.
The goal of Salumificio Pedrazzoli has always been to constantly look for products that respect, in their entirety, the values of which the company has been the spokesperson for over thirty years.

“Even today and “more than yesterday” we are convinced that doing bio means first of all respecting ourselves and the environment in which we live.  Even today and “more than ever” we are convinced that we must be the witnesses of this change.”

[Here you can find the full version of the video with subtitles in all languages]

BIOFACH 2023 Edition

With the presentation of the Privavera Bio Line, visitors and guests will be reserved for tastings of selected organic products.

testimoni del cambiamento reponi daniele

For the duration of the event  Daniele Reponi, gourmet “panini” chef of Modena, will propose exclusive sensorial tastings including

There will also be tastings of the Montanera Line of Black Iberian Bellota pig, an excellence of Spanish breeding and delicatessen.

Customers present at the fair will also be given the exclusive opportunity to pre-order our products.

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