With and international experience in starred restaurants and the consequent turn into R&D cooking director for major brands in the food sector, Roberto Carcangiu has created and will take care about the preparation of Salumificio Pedrazzoli and Lazzaris dishes that will be introduced at the chef’s table in their area at Cibus 2018.

We spoke a little while with him to understand how his creative combinations were born and how nowadays a Chef can give even more value to such a valuable product as charcuterie products.

How did you create the dishes and combinations for the culinary experience at Cibus 2018?

Actually the very first thinking I had considering these combinations was that of making the charcuterie noble, but without making it the predominant element either. There’s a particular attention towards charcuterie in this historical moment, so the idea was that of making it part of a dish without making it lose its personality.

How can Chefs give a higher value to Italian charcuterie, product that reflects the history and culture of our territory?

When talking about charcuterie I always say that Chefs are only able to ruin them. Charcuterie already has its valuable characterization and visibility, so the Chef just has to prepare and combine ingredients, raw or cooked, that emphasize the charcuterie element, without working too much on it.

What is the added value of Salumificio Pedrazzoli charcuterie in your opinion?

I’ve known your products for over 20 years; I appreciate them firstly because they are very characterizing. One of the most important things for me is for the product the product to be recognizable and Salumificio Pedrazzoli’s ones of course are.

How would you describe this experience that Salumificio Pedrazzoli and Lazzaris created with you for the visitors?

As far as the products these brands offer are concerned, they perfectly go together. The area among southern Veneto to Mantua city and the borders with Emilia Romagna constitutes a fundamental gastronomic triangle. In this degustation we did what Americans call sweet and sour. To combine charcuterie with mustards and jams means to look at the products of the tradition of this territory with a modern eye. This is nothing but a revolution that had very positive results, because it met the appreciation of the audience.