The Black Pig.

Bred in the woods
Free Range

The Black Pig – a unique pig breed – lived in a limited area characterised by specific climatic and environmental conditions.  A pig breed that mostly lives free range finding shelter in the woods and in the scrub.

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From ancient to present times
Following The Old Tradition

Already two thousand years ago this pig breed that lived free range in the woods of Parma was well known and highly appreciated. For ancient Romans, the Black Pig certainly had no secrets in terms of taste and pleasure.

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Q+ Line
Excellence in excellence

As it often happens, industrialisation has left behind and lost many local excellences, so the project to rescue and relaunch this local breed has dug up one of the top and unmatched treasures of Italian butchery.

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Bred free range

The Black Pig is a wild pig that has lived on the Parma Apennines for thousands of years. It eats what nature offers and is characterised by a black coat and long wattles. On the farms of the Pedrazzoli family, the Black Pigs have lived free range and in the wild of the woods on the hills of Parma for two years.

An ambitious project has taken the Black Pigs back on the old woodland that was their home for thousands of years

From the roman empire to the present day…

Rescuing this pig breed has been like travelling through time. It was apparently during the Roman Empire that this breed slowly asserted itself for the production of early deli meats. And it was the legions treading these lands who originally bred Black Pigs that were considered a legendary treat of the butchery tradition of Northern Italy. A methodical and slow process for the rescue of the Black Pig around the areas of Northern Emilia Romagna and Southern Lombardy is leading to the relaunch of this breed that is more and more appreciated for the quality of its meat.

Ancient Romans were the first to understand the excellence of this pig breed

Slow Maturation And Top Quality

The most exclusive proposal of the q+ line is certainly the range of products made with Black Pigs. This special and rare local pig breed lives free range on the Apennines of the Lombardy and Emilia Romagna regions. Maturation takes a very long time. This means more than 6 months for salami and more than 24 months for dry-cured ham. All these characteristics, from breeding to production, give the products of the Q+ line unique and top quality characteristics.

The top of the range of Salumificio Pedrazzoli are products made using Black Pigs