Linea Primavera Bio

Our Linea Primavera Bio organic range was established over 20 years ago.It is a line of organic meats and deli meats manufactured using natural methods: from rearing the pig to slaughtering it, and from processing the meat to maturing it. Embodying the ethical spirit of our entire philosophy, the range is based on organic products free from preservatives, gluten and milk flours, and on free-range farming techniques and a fully integrated supply chain. Our commitment to excellence, the environment and protecting our consumers in terms of health and food safety, are the main ingredients of our company’s success and the fundamental principles behind the new Linea Primavera.

I Salami Bio

I Crudi Bio

I Cotti Bio

Le Mortadelle Bio

I Precotti Bio

I Preaffettati Bio

I Freschissimi Bio

Le Specialità Bio

I Salami Bio

Salame Bio al Tartufo (Organic Salami with Truffle)

LA VOLTERRANA Salame Bio con semi di finocchio (Organic Fennel Salami for Slicing)

Salame Piccante Bio (Organic Spicy Salami for Slicing)

Salame Zia Bio (Zia Organic Salami for Slicing)

Salame Bio (Organic Salami for Slicing)

Salsiccia Bio Piccante (Organic Spicy Sausage)

Salame Bio cacciatore DOP

Salamini Bio (Organic Small Salami) 200 g

Salame BIOEttore (BIOEttore Organic Salami)

I Crudi Bio

Prosciutto Crudo Italiano Pelatello (Peeled Italian Dry-cured Ham)

Prosciutto San Daniele Bio (Organic San Daniele Ham)

Prosciutto di Parma Bio (Organic Parma Ham)

Coppa di Parma Bio PGI

Lo Sgambato Bio

I Cotti Bio

Cottino Bio

Prosciutto Cotto Bio al Basilico (Organic Cooked Ham with Basil)

Ristocotto Bio (Ristocotto Organic Cooked Ham)

Prosciutto Cotto Nazionale Bio (Organic Italian Cooked Ham)

Arrosto di Tacchino Bio (Organic Roast Turkey)

Arrosto di Pollo Bio (Organic Roast Chicken)

Prosciutto Cotto Bio al tartufo (organic cooked ham with truffle)

Le Mortadelle Bio

Mortadella Bologna Bio PGI – Ovalina (Ovalina Organic Bologna Mortadella)

Mortadella Bologna Bio (Organic Pre-sliced Bologna Mortadella)

I Precotti Bio

Cotechino Precotto Bio (Organic Pre-cooked Cotechino)

Zampone Precotto Bio (Organic Pre-cooked Zampone in Yellow Paper)

I Preaffettati Bio

Mortadella Bologna Bio (Organic Pre-sliced Bologna Mortadella)

Speck Bio preaffettato

Prosciutto Cotto Bio al Tartufo Auguri d’Oro (Auguri d’Oro Organic Cooked Ham with Truffle)

Pancetta Cubettata Dolce Bio (Organic Diced Unsmoked Pancetta)

Pancetta Tesa Bio (Organic Pre-sliced Flat Pancetta)

Salame Zia Bio (Zia Organic Pre-sliced Salami)

Antipasto italiano Tris Bio

Antipasto Italiano Bis Bio (Bis Organic Italian Starter Selection)

Arrosto di Tacchino Bio (Organic Pre-sliced Roast Turkey)

Prosciutto Cotto Bio al Basilico (Organic Pre-sliced Cooked Ham with Basil)

Prosciutto Cotto Bio (Organic Pre-sliced Cooked Ham)

Bresaola di Suino Bio (Organic Pre-sliced Pork Bresaola)

Coppa di Parma Bio PGI (Organic Pre-sliced Coppa di Parma)

Salame Bio al tartufo preaffettato

LA VOLTERRANA Salame Bio con semi di finocchio (Organic Pre-sliced Fennel Salami)

Salame Piccante Bio (Organic Pre-sliced Spicy Salami)

Salame Milano Bio (Organic Pre-sliced Milano Salami)

Prosciutto San Daniele Bio (Organic Pre-sliced San Daniele Ham)

Prosciutto di Parma Bio (Organic Pre-sliced Parma Ham)

Salame Bio al Tartufo (Organic Pre-sliced Salami with Truffle)

I Freschissimi Bio

Zampone Fresco Bio (Organic Fresh Zampone)

Cotechino Fresco Bio (Organic Fresh Cotechino)

Luganega Bio (Organic Sausage)

Pesto Bio

Salsiccia Bio (Organic Sausage)

Le Specialità Bio

Bresaola di Suino Bio (Organic Pork Bresaola)

Bresaola Bio

Speck Bio

Pancetta Tesa Bio (Organic Flat Pancetta)