Mare al tramonto: il panino alla bresaola bio del salumificio Pedrazzoli

Mare al tramonto (“Sunset at sea”): Salumificio Pedrazzoli organic Bresaola Bio roll

Mare al tramonto (“Sunset at sea”): Salumificio Pedrazzoli organic Bresaola Bio roll. You will be absolutely delighted with this light and delicious filled roll.

BREAD: 1 kg of type 00 flour. Natural brewer’s yeast 30 g. Make the dough with 440 ml of warm water, 20 g of sale, 10 g of sugar and 120 ml olive oil. Add the yeast, warm water, sugar and oil to a small bowl. Add this to a large bowl containing the flour mixed with salt and vegetable charcoal.
Knead until you achieve a smooth dough even in colour. Cover with a damp dish towel and leave to rise for at least 15 mins. Cut the dough into 30 g portions and form into small rolls.
Leave to rest for a further 30 mins. Bake in the oven at 200°C/400°F for 5 mins, before turning the heat down to 180°C/350°F for a further 20 mins. Remove from the oven and leave to cool.
SCALLOPS: Take a scallop and beat it into the classic hamburger shape before cooking lightly.
SCALLOP CORAL SAUCE: Lightly cook the scallop coral with the fat from the lard and whisk.
MAYONNAISE WITH ANCHOVIES: Pour an egg and an extra yolk into a small pan. Add 250 ml of seed oil, and lemon and salt to taste then mix together. Whisk up the ingredients until the consistency is soft and compact.
Flake 4 anchovy fillets with a fork and add them to the mixture.
CALAMARI RINGS: Coat the rings in flour first, followed by beaten egg and finally bread crumbs. Fry the rings.
METHOD: Cut the rolls in half; add two slices of Pedrazzoli organic PrimaVera® BIO Bresaola before positioning the scallop in the centre; add a thin layer of mayonnaise, a second layer of organic Bresaola (two slices) and the calamari rings. Garnish with sea lettuce.