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Salame BIOEttore (BIOEttore Organic Salami)

Linea PrimaVera Bio
Salame Bio - Ettore del salumificio Pedrazzoli - Linea Bio

Salame BIOEttore (BIOEttore Organic Salami)

More on Salame BIOEttore from Pedrazzoli’s Linea Primavera organic range:
Salame Felino is a salami with truly ancient roots. Alda Tacca’s “La storia del felino” (“History of Felino”) even refers to Pharaoh Ramesses III (1166 BC). Our Salame Felino, based on a recipe derived from Italy’s most authentic deli meat tradition, is named BIOEttore after the client who inspired us to develop the product.
This salami is produced using the classic recipe from Felino, a village in the Province of Parma, made with prime medium-minced meat stuffed in natural casings from the large intestine of pigs. Salt and pepper (whole or coarse ground) provide the seasoning, whilst the filling process for this specific casing requires careful attention to avoid trapping pockets of air inside. The maturation process also requires a lot of work, owing to the large amount of meat and, therefore, internal moisture to be shed. Adequate maturation in the cellar (at least 45 days) allows the fat and lean meat to intermingle sufficiently.

RECOMMENDED PAIRINGS: Small in diameter and relatively long, a distinguishing feature of BIOEttore salami is its soft texture, delicate flavour and mild, fragrant taste. Serve evenly sliced with crusty bread. It is best to leave the casing on when cutting, so that its flavours can permeate the inside of the product as it is cut. Start cutting from one end, slanting your blade to create longer slices.


Dairy free
No added preservatives
Gluten free
Listed in the coeliac handbook