Turbante di prosciutto IL POGGIO con tartare di fichi e Porto (Rolled IL POGGIO ham with fig and port wine tartare)

To make rolled POGGIO ham with fig and port wine tartare, begin by peeling the fresh figs, selecting fruits which are not too ripe; cut into cubes and marinade for 30 minutes in the port. Slice the ham, then roll up each slice leaving a space inside. Drain the figs and use them to fill the inside of each rolled-up slice of ham; allow five rolls per plate and serve with curls of butter and Tuscan bread.
Tips: If using a food slicer, cut the ham wafer thin. To bring out the ham’s full flavour, hand cut in slightly thicker slices.

Ingredients for 4 servings

“Il Poggio” Parma Ham: 240 g - Fresh figs: 8 - Port: 2 cl If there are no fresh figs available, substitute with 12 dry figs