PrimaVera Bio labels will be changed

To preserve the “Made in Italy” of the food we have decided to make some small but significant changes on the labels of our PrimaVera organic cold cuts line. Among these changes in the labels of PrimaVera Bio there is the prominence of the “Euro-leaf” logo, the organic production brand of the European Union, already present on the labels of our organic products.

A further variation is in the caption “without additional preservatives”, replaced with the more specific claim “no nitrites or nitrates added” to indicate specifically the types of preservatives that are not used in the products.

Also the back label is modified in the ingredients section, where it is specified that our meat comes from Salumificio Pedrazzoli’s own breeding farms, located precisely in the Lombardy-Emilia area.

This is just to make it clear, and to stress  that our pigs are born in Italy, in our own farms in the Lombardy-Emilia area. It often happens to learn that some producers choose meat from pigs born abroad, so our company has decided to make some specific changes about the indication of origin of the raw material.