Among the recipes proposed at Cibus 2018, Chef Roberto Carcangiu has created a very particular combination with the prosciutto cotto al tartufo from PrimaVera Bio line, the luxury version of our Prosciutto Cotto Nazionale Bio with a black truffle in its inside. Truffle is rigorously organic and of local production. This gives an unforgettable taste to the product that calls back to the strong flavors of Umbria. Follow the step by step preparation of Chef Carcangiu to prepare a fast and light meal ideal for the upcoming summer season!


  • INGREDIENTS (one serving):

    ·         35 g prosciutto bio al tartufo from Salumificio Pedrazzoli’s PrimaVera Bio line;

    ·         45 g sweet potatoes;

    ·         6 pitted olive taggiasche in oil

    ·         4 anchovies in oil

    ·         15 g ricotta

    ·         6 g Veneto mustard

    ·         15 g carasau bread

    ·         25 g salad



    We start from potatoes: wash them with cold water and remove every trace of dirt with the help of a brush. Drench them into cold and non-salted water and cook them until water boils. Cover them with a lid and keep cooking for 10-12 minutes. Keep the cooking level controlled with a wood stick.  In case they were not sufficiently soft, keep on with the cooking until they reach the appropriate softness. Drain them and let them cool down, and finally peel them and slice them.

     From now on we can start with preparation of the composition of the dish with the rest of the ingredients: first of all put a layer of salad, sweet potatoes, anchovies and olives. Then cover the ingredients with a ricotta layer and then a mustard layer. Lay the sliced prosciutto cotto bio al tartufo upon it all and crumble pane carasau as a decoration.