St. Patrick’s Day: how to combine beer and cured meats

In the Republic of Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day is is the feast of the patron saint and the most important celebration of the year. On this day the streets and shops are decorated in green and the capital Dublin becomes the centerpiece of the festival with fireworks, traditional music in pubs and rivers of beer.

Irish beers are among the oldest and most popular in the world. The secret lies in the quality that has never faded over time, so small breweries have become industries and Irish beers have managed to position themselves as excellent quality products.

In this article we’ll tell you about the three best known types of Irish beer and we’ll give you some suggestions on the perfect pairings with cured meats from Salumificio Pedrazzoli Q + line.


Certainly the best known Irish beer, with a typical black color, characterized by the almost total absence of bubbles and a dense foam like cream. It is a dark beer with high fermentation and low alcohol content, the flavor is very intense and easily perceptible smoky notes of coffee, chocolate, cocoa up to light nuances of caramel or ripe dark fruit.

We recommend it in combination with Quattro Case lard, cut thinly and delicately placed on warm croutons or with honey caramelised popcorn for the greedy ones.


These are mainly red and nebulous beers, characterized by a fruity and more robust flavor. For this reason, we recommend it in combination with La Gonzaghetta pork neck with herbs , sliced ​​0.5 mm thick, grilled and seasoned with lime and pink pepper citronette.


The classic light beers, the so-called blondes, characterized by a medium-low gradation, a clean taste and accentuated effervescence. Certainly the most pleasant ones even for those who are not fond of beer. This type of beer goes perfectly with Il Dosso raw ham, a San Daniele that melts in the mouth, served abundantly on a cutting board and accompanied by homemade breadsticks.