Summer with Meat: Bresaola PrimaVera Bio

L’estate è finalmente arrivata e noi abbiamo deciso di inaugurare la stagione più calda dell’anno con una rubrica dedicata ai migliori abbinamenti pensati per il consumo estivo dei salumi, prodotti che con

Summer has finally arrived and we have decided to inaugurate the hottest season of the year with a section dedicated to the best pairings designed for the summer consumption of cured meats, products that with the arrival of high temperatures tend to set aside preferring fresher foods .

The protagonists of the summer with meat section will be three cold cuts (one for each month) of our PrimaVera organic line.

The first match we propose is the one between the PrimaVera Bio bovine bresaola and the kiwi, two products that together constitute an ideal snack for sportsmen and for those who want to stay in shape without sacrificing taste.

Our organic bovine bresaola has a high nutritional and energetic value as well as being easily digestible and free of gluten and milk derivatives, while the refreshing and refreshing kiwi has a high content of vitamin c (more lemon and orange), it is rich in potassium and is a reminalding food and able to regulate cardiac function and blood pressure.

To give crunchiness to the dish you can also add flaked almonds, also rich in protein, vitamins b and e, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and iron, minerals very important to keep the body efficient in summer.