Summer with Meat: the Roast of Turkey PrimaVera Bio


Back our monthly appointment with the heading summer with meat!

For the month of July we want to offer our Organic Roast Turkey PrimaVera, a cured meat with a very low fat content but at the same time rich in nutritional properties and suitable for those who follow low-calorie diets or simply want to have a light but rich summer meal taste.

Its origin is from America, Turkey is a widely consumed product in the United States and Canada, where it traditionally serves on Thanksgiving as an act of gratitude for the end of the harvest season.

Roast Turkey PrimaVera bio is excellent to taste in a sandwich with datterino tomatoes and soft cheese such as Robiola, or cut into cubes and served in a salad with peaches or apricots lightly seared in a pan, rocket and a handful of sesame seeds.

An ideal meal to be consumed by the sea with a glass of excellent rosé wine