The new ZeroAggiunti organic charcuterie line

Recently the demand of healty food and minimally processed food has been growing continuously, especially in connection to a lifestyle where physical and psychological wellbeing steams from what is eaten.

During the years, with Primavera Line, we have been able to produce charcuterie without preservatives, nitrites and nitrates, milk derivatives and gluten free, a product category we called ZeroAggiunti (no added in Italian). These products are made to be inclusive, intended for consumers that have specific food needs but also for anyone researching product naturality in food.

Preservatives are used to improve the conservation of food, not allowing or slowing down its deterioration, while consequently increasing its shelf-life time.

Since PrimaVera Bio was born, we decided to remove preservatives from our seasoned charcuterie, such as Prosciutto di Parma, salami and Coppa. Regarding cooked products, like mortadella, cooked ham, turkey and chicken roast, we use a small amount of preservatives, still much lower than the European regulation on Organic Production.

Lactose is instead used as an additive during the processing of food, used as colorant or as sweetener, while powdered milk is added when lower quality meat are used in the production, as it might be full of water, which will prevent proper seasoning.

In our case, as we are starting from a constantly monitored raw material with a very high quality, we do not add any milk derivatives neither to improve seasoning nor to correct the natural aspect and taste of our salumi.

Since many years, we have decided to move our whole production to gluten fee: in our charcuterie we only use spices that are certified as gluten free and, in the end phase of flouring, we use rice starch. We constantly do analysis and tests in our internal laboratory to verify the effective absence of gluten in our products and, to avoid cross contamination, in our facilities we do not have any vending machines.