Linea di salumi biologici q+


Linea Q+ is synonymous of absolute excellence but also innovation in tradition. Dedicated to those in search of excellence, Q+ is a collection of exclusive limited production products. The q+ line is characterized by the extreme handicraft of its products, which are linked to an atavistic pork butcher tradition but at the same time it contrasts with it, enhancing it with a modern and essential packaging. In this line, Pedrazzoli presents its best products that arise from years of experience and from the search for the highest quality product and the most genuine flavour. From the excellence of very mature meats – coming from pigs weighing over 200 kg and with a guaranteed minimum seasoning – Q+ is born: extra and limited production of cured meats. A sensory homage to the wet places of the Po Valley lands, ambassador of an unmistakable and unique taste, of which even the ancient names of the products, connected to the theme of water, are witnesses. Finally, the particular care of the packaging and the elegant appearance of its packaging make Q+ a line that is beautiful to look at as well as exquisite to taste.