The Luxury quality of the Q+ Pedrazzoli Line meets the genius of Seletti

The Luxury quality of the Q+ Pedrazzoli Line meets the genius of Seletti


This year Salumi Pedrazzoli Q+ “dress” Seletti

The Luxury quality of the Q+ Pedrazzoli Line meets the genius of Seletti, the famous Italian brand of figurative design, which with the original creativity and out of the box that distinguishes it, has made the Christmas 2022 packaging of our Q+ Line unique and exclusive.

The claim HOW IT HAS TO BE: the quality “how it has to be”

How It Has To Be”, is the simple but powerful claim that we have chosen to communicate the essence of the Q+ cured meats line: quality “as it has to be”.
How the highest quality,the genuine flavor, the strong artisan connotation linked to tradition must be, born from years of butchery experience, from the choice of meats and from a slow seasoning.​
The Q+ line is a limited production of cured meats that are the maximum expression of the quality concept of Salumificio Pedrazzoli,  a perfect balance between the quality of 100% Italian pork raw material, the territory and the production.
It is not for nothing that all the products of the Q+ Line are numbered and limited in number to give maximum visibility and transparency to the consumer of the production chain, controlled from the breeding to the product.

Products for refined palate

The Q+ line is aimed at a demanding and careful consumer who is looking for unique and refined products, combining attention to ingredients with the exclusivity of a limited production line.
It is designed for all those who love good cuisine and rediscover ancient flavors, revisited in a modern way.

They are real food jewels

Born as real “food jewels“, they are presented with an elegant and refined packaging, famously combined with fashion or design products, a modern image that immediately defines them as luxury food.​


Seletti’s communicative design and visual power

Two products, two design dresses.


The Padus salami and the Gabbianella, the 1 meter version, will be available in a fun,colorful and evocative package: the classic tube that has always kept Q + salamis, but with a colorful and fun pop reinterpretation of the texture of this salami.
Why the salami mixture? In addition to “how it has be”, in order to represent and guarantee the highest quality of these products, we want to underline “what it is made of” and tell you what you are going to eat.
The coarse grain of which “THE” Q + salami is made, evokes the handmade products of the ancient tradition of Italian delicatessen, both for the processing and for the unmistakable taste.

POGGIO: “IL” Prosciutto di Parma

Il Poggio is “THE” ham, an exclusive raw ham, with a characteristic pink color and an unmistakable sweet taste.
Here the Seletti figurative design is expressed at its best: the iconic and unmistakable pattern with the blue sky dotted with soft clouds characterizes this special pack.
A reference to the elements of nature and raw materials, which perfectly marries the Pedrazzoli philosophy and is the maximum expression of our concept of Q+: to give value to what we eat we must be transparent about the origin of the product.



The two design objects made of white porcelain to be used as cutting boards for Q +
products make it even more extraordinary: the 80’s Skateboard from the “Memorabilia” collection and the “Estetico Quotidiano” tray.


Precious design objects that will make unique the presentation of the Luxury products of the Q+ !