The Linea Q+ luxury

The Linea Q+ luxury range embodies absolute excellence, as well as innovation in tradition. Dedicated to customers who want the very best, Q+ is a collection of limited-edition exclusive products. What makes our Linea Q+ range special is the exquisite quality of its artisan products; although based on Italy’s long-standing tradition of artisan pork butchery, they come beautifully presented in minimalist, modern packaging. This line showcases Salumificio Pedrazzoli’s finest products; the culmination of years of experience and striving for the best possible quality and most authentic flavour. Based on extra-matured products made from the pork of pigs weighing over 200 kg, and with a guaranteed minimum maturation, Linea Q+ offers extra special, limited edition deli meat products. Linea Q+ is a sensory homage to the well-irrigated lands of the Po Valley; indeed, even the ancient names of its products reflect the theme of water, bearing witness to this ambassador of an unmistakeable and unique flavour. And with the careful packaging and elegant wrapping of the products in this line, Linea Q+ is a visual as well as culinary delight.
Finally, we could not go without acknowledging the outstanding quality of the line’s Black Pig products as a particular highlight. An exclusive Linea Q+ highlight, Salumificio Pedrazzoli’s Black Pig products are refined dry-cured ham and deli meat specialties of the utmost quality; they are made with pork from an ancient pig breed, once close to extinction, but now resurrected and farmed free-range in the woods of Parma and the lowlands of Lombardy.

Discover more on the secrets of the ancient Black Pig breed, reared free-range in the woods of Parma and considered a fine delicacy since Roman times.

Il Cantone – Lo zampone

Il Dosso – Prosciutto San Daniele (San Daniele Ham)

La Gonzaghetta – Coppa alle Erbe (Dry-cured Coppa with Herbs)

Il Poggio – Prosciutto di Parma (Parma Ham)

Il Tramuschio – Prosciutto Cotto (Cooked Ham)

La Gabbianella – Salame Extra

Le Valli – Il Culatello

Il Carrobbio – Guanciale Stagionato (Matured Pork Cheek)

l Pampano – Stinco Cotto al Naturale (Cooked Pork Shank)

Quattro Case – Il Lardo (Lard)

Salame Padus

Il Padus – Salame di Maiale Nero (Black Pig Salami)

Il Coppone di Maiale Nero (Il Coppone Black Pig Pork Neck)

La Nera – Pancetta di Maiale Nero (La Nera Black Pig Pancetta)

Salsiccia di Nero (Black Pig Sausage)

Il Poggio – Crudo di Maiale Nero (Il Poggio Black Pig Dry-cured Ham)

I Gourmet